Esteban 'Slipstream' Alraune

A dark-skinned, athletic youngster with long braids. Charismatic, full of energy and and a perpetual smile.

  • Born in February 25 1985 and raised in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Known Powers: Mega-Dexterity, Hyper-Movement


  • Determined to commit to athletics in 1997, after watching the 1997 World Championship in Athens. Idolizes Maurice Greene, the American sprinter who earned the Gold Medal in that same event.
  • N-Day found him running in the streets of his hometown, already dedicated to achieving athletic excellence.
  • Erupted in 2007 while preparing for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Dropped out of the circuit and decided not to compete as a nova. Instead, appeared in a number of TV shows to embrace the publicity aspect of his growing fame.
  • Is considering using his celebrity status for charity and activism.

Esteban had been practicing in the Estadio Mestalla in Valencia in June 11 2007, when the fatigue of practice began to get to him. Determined to complete the circuit he redoubled his efforts to reach the finish line, only to only to see the world around him turn to a blur. The sonic boom that followed Esteban’s eruption and subsequent lapse into Mach 2 was audible 4 blocks away. Witness reports described a focused “wave of destruction that obliterated everything in its path and demolished walls and obstacles”, now known to be Esteban in Hyperspeed. It took Esteban an estimated 4 seconds to reach Valencia’s coastline before he continued his rampage on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. Unable to understand what was happening or to safely stop running, he went on for approximately 80 miles before recognizing the isle of Ibiza coming up ahead. Mustering all his strength he managed to steer himself closer to the coastline, intent on slowing down once he reached the shore. When he finally managed to stop running, he found himself on the foothills of Sa Torreta, barefoot and practically naked, his shoes and clothes having been shredded and melted to nothingness during his explosive stroll. Local witnesses described his descent to Sant Joan de Labritja as baffling, even by Ibiza standards, naked as he was and oblivious as to where he was and what had happened. Thankfully his arrival had been detected by the local nova population who arrived to help the newest addition to their numbers. Miraculously, the entire event ended with only three people injured and no human casualties. Esteban made a point to seek out and make amends to all injured parties and apologize for all damages in a public way. Many agree that his image of accountability, responsibility and good standing as a celebrity can be traced back to this, the first time he addressed the public as a nova the very next day after his eruption.

“I am grateful for everything that has happened to me, for the gifts God has given me. I am sad that I cannot go on racing but I can still do some good. I want to help people the way God wanted me to, either by helping them realize their potential or any other way I can. I feel blessed.”

“I felt I could not, in good conscience, participate in racing events anymore. And as for the Nova Olympics, It just didn’t feel right. I am not ready for that yet.”

“Of course I believe in God, I have felt his presence. As a small child running in the streets of Santiago de Compostela, with the wind blowing through my hair. What is God to me? Freedom.”

Esteban 'Slipstream' Alraune

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