Emma 'Kaboom' Snow

Refusing to settle for just one Nova handle, Emma Snow is the team powerhouse, combining brains and brawn all wrapped up in a pretty package.


Date of Birth: 4-11-85
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 58kg
Hair: Red with blonde streaks
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Greek-German
Former Profession: Clerk
Known Powers: Flight, Mega-Strength, Mega-Stamina, Mega-Dexterity


Emma Snow used to work in a comic book store in Hamburg, Germany. She traveled to New York to attend the New York Comicon, where, one night, while she was returning to her hotel room, two men attacked her, trying to rob her. Right then and there she erupted, killing the robbers in the process. She ran away quickly, confused and scared that she might get in deep trouble.

After that, Emma didn’t return to Germany. She lived on the streets for a while. A few months later she helped the police with a kidnapping case and saved a little girl.

She then got a job in a grocery store. She lives now in New York. She had no friends and kept mostly to herself.

After a few months, mostly due to curiosity, she joined Project Utopia and began training in the now legendary Rashoud facility in Midtown Manhattan (the first one ever built). After rigorous training she became a reserve member for Team Tomorrow, under the handle ‘Kaboom’, describing her very straightforward approach of an issue.

Emma 'Kaboom' Snow

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