• Emma 'Kaboom' Snow

    Emma 'Kaboom' Snow

    Refusing to settle for just one Nova handle, Emma Snow is the team powerhouse, combining brains and brawn all wrapped up in a pretty package.
  • Esteban 'Slipstream' Alraune

    Esteban 'Slipstream' Alraune

    A dark-skinned, athletic youngster with long braids. Charismatic, full of energy and and a perpetual smile.
  • Mary 'Mary-Jane' Pitters

    Mary 'Mary-Jane' Pitters

    'Mary-Jane' is a small-time dope dealer that by some twisted turn of fate developed an M-R Node. Now she's a Nova with a complete disregard of human law. If the Teragen were an official club, she would already be a card-carrying member
  • 'Phantasm'


    The enigmatic 'Phantasm' is a trainer in the Manhattan Rashoud facility. He doesn't like to speak about himself, only caring about getting the job done.
  • André 'Bender' Corbin

    André 'Bender' Corbin

    André Joseph Corbin joined Team Tomorrow as "Bender" due to his powers of emotional manipulation. He was eventually kicked off the Team after the infamous incident where he threw a pie in the face of Caestus Pax.
  • Ari Silver

    Ari Silver

    Agent to the stars Ari Silver was among the first to take advantage of the novas' newfound popularity and add many of them to his roster of clients.
  • Jennifer 'Slider' Landers

    Jennifer 'Slider' Landers

    Jennifer Landers was a member of Team Tomorrow, and "The World's Sweetheart."
  • Sophia Rousseau

    Sophia Rousseau

    Very little is known about Sophia Rousseau. It seems as though she has always been around, like gravity or oxygen.