The Lost Children

N! The News

Special OpNet Bulletin

New York, NY

Team Tomorrow nova Jennifer “Slider” Landers was reported DOA at Bellevue Hospital Center this morning at precisely 4:02 am. Paraphysicians worked tirelessly for eight hours to reinvigorate Slider’s failed biological processes, only to declare her dead after unsuccessful attempts.

Jennifer Landers was a well-known member of Team Tomorrow, dubbed by the media as “The World’s Sweetheart” due to her good-natured demeanor. She was known to be friendly and engaging to everyone, even staying on good terms with AndrĂ© Corbin after he was dishonorably removed from T2M.

Details are few and far-between at this time, but the act seems to be one of assassination, possibly linked to Teragen radicalism. Slider’s injuries appear to have been caused in conflict with another nova, though no more information is forthcoming at this time.



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