In 1998, the ‘Galatea’ research satellite exploded, dumping radioactive material in the Earth’s atmosphere. Since that day thousands of men and women have ‘erupted’ all over the world, demonstrating super powers.
Ten years later, the world is a different place. Homo Sapiens Novus, or Novas as they are called, have had a tremendous impact on culture, politics and scientific theory.
Project Utopia works with the UN to shape a better future for mankind where Novas and baseline humans live in perfect harmony.
The radical Teragen refuse to be bound by human law or even be considered human, as they consider themselves a new breed.
The Directive, a multi-national government agency, is charged with monitoring the growing Nova population.
Novas have immersed themselves in every aspect of human culture, from sports to show business, from hiring themselves out as mercenary Elites to working for criminal cartels.
Others have chosen to stay out of the spotlight and lead normal lives, as much as they can. A few of these unknown, seemingly unremarkable Novas are going to change the future. This is their story.

“The Lost Children” is a player chronicle set in the Aeon/Trinity Universe, utilising the Aberrant system. Borrowing key elements from Aberrant’s basic metaplot, the player characters of this story will shape the Universe as they play.

The Lost Children

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