Sophia Rousseau

Very little is known about Sophia Rousseau. It seems as though she has always been around, like gravity or oxygen.


Demonstrated Powers: Mega-Charisma, Mega-Manipulation, Telekinesis, Disintegration, Psychic Shield


Although almost everyone in the Nova community knows her or has heard about her, very few people seem to recall when or where they met her. The few details known about her are:

  • She is one of the 10 most powerful novas on the planet. Noone really knows about the extent of her abilities and powers.
  • She has some form of Psychic Shield. A Nova telepath once described her as “a storm of Psychic Static”.
  • She was able to reduce an Australian XWF fighter to vapor. The courts in Sydney ruled self-defense.
  • She is able to change the numbers of dice in mid-air.
  • She is respected and feared by everyone she meets.

Sophia Rousseau

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