Mary 'Mary-Jane' Pitters

'Mary-Jane' is a small-time dope dealer that by some twisted turn of fate developed an M-R Node. Now she's a Nova with a complete disregard of human law. If the Teragen were an official club, she would already be a card-carrying member


Age: 24 years old
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Known Powers: Mega-Stamina, Mega-Manipulation, Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Luck, Psychic Shield


Autobiographical note:

My name is Mary Pitters and I’m 24 years old. I grew up in one of the least popular (which is not saying much) neighborhood of Brooklyn.
Having no college education, and being the third (out of 5) daughter of a proud garbage truck driver, I was always considered white trash. Ever since I finished high-school I worked as a waitress at the neighborhood diner. Sadly my waitress salary plus the tips I get from the few idiots that grab my ass daily, had never been enough for me. To make ends meet and support the habit, I had to do some drug dealing on the side, which is how I got my nickname Mary-Jane.
8 months ago I had just got off work and was beginning my rounds on crack-head central a.k.a. the apartment building me and my family lived in. I rang a junkie’s doorbell and the fucking POLICE opened the door, it seems that rather than going to prison my client chose to rat me out! As the pigs were putting me in handcuffs and my mind was racing, the most amazing thing happened!
The first thing to fly across the room was a coffee mug that got the detective straight on the face! Then more and more little things followed. By the time the couch started hovering the cops had forgotten arresting me and were running for cover. It was the first of many good days to come.
It took some months to learn how to use my gift, and I obviously had a hard time practicing without making it on the 8 o’clock news, but now I think I’m ready to begin my new life!

Mary 'Mary-Jane' Pitters

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