Jennifer 'Slider' Landers

Jennifer Landers was a member of Team Tomorrow, and "The World's Sweetheart."


NAME: Jennifer Landers

HANDLE: Slider

ERUPTED: August 24, 2000

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5’5" tall, bright red hair, blue eyes, a legion of freckles. (But frankly, if you don’t know what Slider looks like…what rock have you been under for the last nine years? ;-)

ASSIGNMENT: Team Tomorrow Central

OCCUPATION (before eruption): OpNet designer

OCCUPATION (after eruption): Primary transportation, combat support and disaster relief expert for Team Tomorrow Central

KNOWN NOVA ABILITIES: Near total control over all aspects of spatial reality. “Jen” can teleport objects, open gateways from one spacial location to another, “slide” an object through space, or even twist space into knots. She also has slightly mega-human physical and mental abilities.


BIOGRAPHY: Jennifer never really lived an “ordinary” life, though to hear her tell it, she was just another face in the crowd. Straight-A student, Homecoming Queen, civil and environmental activist — Jennifer was working to make the world a better place well before her eruption.

Of course, like every other nova, her life changed forever the day she erupted. For Jennifer, the crisis was an attempt by a digi-terrorist to destroy the website she’d done for a local branch of Greenpeace. (Local to her, of course.) As a site designer trying to out-think a prepared hacker in real time, Jennifer herself says she was outclassed. She tried to imagine herself in several places at once, throwing up firewalls in an attempt to block access. Space is an illusion in the OpNet, Jennifer once told me, and that proved to be her triumph. Though she couldn’t out-program the hacker, she just popped into his room, then popped him to the nearest police station, before either of them knew what happened.

Given her history of activism and devotion to the greater good, Jen was almost destined to become a member of Team Tomorrow. The rest, as they say, is history. There are a plethora of fan sites on OpNet at which you can read a full account of her exploits as a Tomorrowite.

CURRENT EVENTS: When not fighting evil, Jennifer is returning to as normal a life as any world-famous member of Team Tomorrow can reasonably expect.

TOUR SCHEDULE: Jennifer is just ending an extended vacation from personal appearances. She expects to make NovaCon 2009, and is keeping her options open from there.

Jennifer 'Slider' Landers

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