Ari Silver

Agent to the stars Ari Silver was among the first to take advantage of the novas' newfound popularity and add many of them to his roster of clients.


Cunning and ruthless in his tactics, but in the end relatively harmless. Always seems on edge, with a famously short temper, more neurotic than a teenager on crack.


Ari Silver is the on-hand founder and CEO of STA (Silver Talent Agency) which is one of the biggest Hollywood agencies, representing many of Hollywood’s most famous actors, directors, writers, while also representing sports stars and one of the first agencies (though not an Elite Agency) to represent Novas.

Ari calls Esteban thinking that the interview about Slider’s death is real and sees this as a golden opportunity for his client’s popularity. He suggests Esteban lies about his relationship with Slider (whom Esteban barely knew) and claim that the two of them dated a couple of times before her untimely death. That should definitely get him exclusive interviews, book deals, film rights, even make him a murder suspect if they’re lucky. Nothing boosts popularity like a scandal after all.

Ari Silver

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