André 'Bender' Corbin

André Joseph Corbin joined Team Tomorrow as "Bender" due to his powers of emotional manipulation. He was eventually kicked off the Team after the infamous incident where he threw a pie in the face of Caestus Pax.


Birth Name: André Joseph Corbin
Chosen Name: Bender
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 23, 1985
Date of Eruption: Unknown
Place of Origin: Scotland
Occupation: Ex-soccer player; ex-adult film star;
ex-Team Tomorrow agent;
Powers: Corbin was a professional soccer player
prior to his eruption, and the transformation from
human to nova has enhanced an already exceptional
athletic prowess. His strength, speed and reaction
time are all well above the human norm, and he possesses
uncanny powers of perception, intuition and
acuity. Most notable, though, is Corbin’s self-titled
“Bender” waves of quantum force that radiate out
from his body. Persons bathed in these waves experience
exceedingly potent emotional shifts: Would-be
lovers hurl themselves at each other (or at Corbin),
rivalries flare into violent hatred and mild unease
becomes mind-numbing terror.


Born on the date that would become
N-Day 13 years later, Andre Corbin seemed born to
stardom. From a working-class family in the industrial
town of Leith, Corbin rose to become a professional
soccer player in London. One of the most talked-about
up-and-coming stars, Corbin seemed destined to save
the declining edifice of baseline professional sports
if he didn’t destroy it first. His athleticism was
almost as notable as the fiery, hell-raising personality
that incited riots across the continent and made
tabloid headlines across the world.
And that was before his eruption. Corbin manifested
as a nova during the World Cup playoffs between the
UK and Nigeria, causing a riot in the process. Seeking
to bolster its public image, Project Utopia contacted
the famous sports celebrity and, amid great fanfare,
announced his entry into Team Tomorrow.
This move was, to put it bluntly, a disaster. Corbin’s
in-your-face, hedonistic personality and lack of respect
for authority made him completely unable to get
along with his teammates or take his role seriously.
Scandal rocked the prodigal’s tenure, from the Princess
Fazour Affair to the Waldorf-Astoria Incident
to the shocking direct-to-OpNet release of Hardballs,
an “art film” featuring Corbin and several pulchritudinous
costars. Suspended from the team, Corbin severed
all ties to T2M except for those to his unlikely
friend, Jennifer “Slider” Landers.

André 'Bender' Corbin

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